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Turning Interest Into Action

Caring for your loved ones while juggling your personal life's responsibilities, can be taxing. This is why many families hire outside caregivers to assist with their elderly relatives.

Caring For Your Loved Ones When You Are Away
Senior Care Harrisburg pa
Elderly Day Care Harrisburg

About Us

Our CEO and Founder, Ashley McKinnon has worked with many families in the last 20 years. While caring for the elderly in their homes she quickly realized that activities were limited due to space constraints. Often times she wanted to get the seniors physically engaged as a preventative measure to health deterioration. With the constraints, she improvised and found a way to liven the spirits and boost the energy levels for the elderly, by doing simple things such as listening to their favorite music or dancing. During one encounter, a 90-year-old woman who gave her physical therapist a hard time didn't realize she was partaking in a different form of physical therapy with Mrs. McKinnon. She was dancing, and she enjoyed it! During this moment Mrs. McKinnon realized that there needs to be a space and a place where the elderly can get out and enjoy themselves and do the things they desire to do, with assistance.

After discovering there was limited access to Adult Day Cares for the elderly in the Harrisburg, PA area, she decided to set out on a mission to make a change. In 2021 Extended Hands Community Center Inc, was born. Our goal is to provide short-term relief and a safe space where caregivers can bring their loves-ones and forgo the idea of putting their relatives in a nursing home due to stress and exhaustion.

What Is An Adult Day Care?

When Is The Best Time To Start?

An Adult Day Care (Adult Day Service) is designed to provide older adults with companionship, social, recreational, and health-related activities who need supervision. It provides family caregivers much-needed relief and is an affordable option than placing a loved one in a long-term care facility.

The National Adult Day Services Association recommends to consider adult daycare for your relatives when they are in need of community and social activities or if you notice they have a hard time initiating activities on their own.

Meet The Board

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Thanks To Our Partner

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Partner With Us

We are open to partnerships and collaborations with other professionals and organizations. Get in touch so we can determine how we can support one another.

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